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About Consolidated Telecom, Inc.™

Consolidated Telecom, Inc. (CTEL), based in Irving, Texas and was founded in 1995 by its principles to install and maintain inmate telephone systems and services to local county jail markets. CTEL currently operates inmate telephone systems in a variety of County Jails and Juvenile Detention Centers in the United States. Historically, correctional facilities looked to the local exchange carrier to install and maintain the inmate telephones. Over time, correctional facilities realized the need to evaluate and customize the technologies and services available to their individual institution.

CTEL’s offered services include specialized call processing and billing services for use by correctional facilities, direct local and long distance call processing, and value added services such as digital recording, jail management systems, video booking, local area network design and installation, cabling, and call-processing system software and hardware.

CTEL’s is a technology driven service firm dedicated to serving the telecommunication needs in the inmate correctional market. We apply advanced telecommunication products and services to better serve our clients needs. The company provides the finest inmate phone service while paying competitive commissions on call rates equal to those of the local telephone company and AT&T.

CTEL provides services in approximately ten states. The facility sizes range from 10 beds to 800 beds. CTEL will evaluate the specific needs of your facility to analyze your inmate telephone requirements. CTEL works with the facility in all capacities from the early construction phase to replacing antiquated equipment and offers extensive experience working with client inmate needs.

In this highly competitive, fast-growing segment of the telecommunications industry, our company emerges as the leader in customer service.

At CTEL, many years of business experience has brought about the implementation of the four basic management functions to our organization resulting in strong, successful business partnerships with our correctional facilities. Upon reviewing our functioning process, you will be able to envision the benefits and effectiveness of an industry leader offering the best options in the inmate telephone system and service industry.

Planning - Together with your knowledge of the needs and requirements of a vendor to your facility, we are equipped to develop and choose the correct courses of action for your inmate telephone system monitoring and recording jail management software. We will be able to better predict and project future advancements in technology and how they will compliment your systems.

Organizing - Encompassing the exact needs of a desired inmate telephone service and system, we are able to identify the most efficient chain of command and coordinate our services with your facility and staff.

Leading - By working with your facility and staff members and educating them on your new system, assurance of effective communication enables us to maintain continuous service.

Controlling - You are entrusting CTEL to provide telephone solutions to your requirements. Our goal is to ensure we meet your standards. If at anytime, performance with your system or service does not meet your expectations, proper corrective actions are made in an effort to gain your loyalty.

Delivering the systems and services you require in an inmate environment is most important to our partnership. Together with CTEL’s advanced technology, resources, and facility feedback, we are able to effectively improve our quality of business and enhance your facilities time management.

CTEL is governed by individuals offering 30 (thirty) years of combined experience in the inmate telephone system and service industry. Our sales and technical teams are up-to-date and familiar with the many job performances within correctional facilities. We understand the need for a maintenance-free telephone system for efficiency, time management, and professional service.

CTEL is a leading inmate telephone service provider combining state-of-art technology and years of experience. Using this combination, we believe that we are able to provide inmate telephone services that will exceed your current expectations. Below is a brief outline of what CTEL can provide and reduce the overall cost of the inmate phone system and increase overall commissions paid.

Proactive Service and Maintenance reduces telephone downtime. Our comprehensive service plans and quick response times ensure that all equipment is working satisfactory and that overhead due to complaints is practically eliminated.

Our technology provides a more reliable phone system and the ability for authorized personnel to access the inmate telephone system from anywhere. This new system allows you to retrieve call detail records, restrict/allow numbers and monitor live calls from any PC with an internet connection. All calls are routed Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) to one of our secure datacenters.

Generous Commissions are paid each month on every call made on our system. This includes collect, debit, calling card and pre-paid collect (PPC) calls.

Security is something that we do not take lightly. All call records, recordings and reports are securely stored off site. Only authorized personnel have access to this sensitive data and a number of innovative security measures are in place to make sure that your data is safe. Our systems can increase security by requiring the successful entry of a valid personal identification number (PIN) to provide positive identification of the inmate seeking access to the phone system, prior to call dialing. PIN management can be handled by any one of our support technicians or an authorized on-site employee should the facility elect to utilize pins and allowed numbers.

Reliability with our customer service center staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all of our customers have the ability to reach us at anytime via phone or e-mail. To eliminate downtime due to power failure, we also utilize multiple Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) and generators to ensure that our phones and computer systems do not experience any avoidable down time.

Our Commitment to every one of our customers is what makes CTEL a leader in the inmate phone industry. By providing professional service and quality support, CTEL is positioned to offer inmate telephone services that is unsurpassed.

CTEL can provide one of the highest quality phone systems on the market today. Our level of expertise also ensures that your new system will be delivered on time and that you can rest assured that you will experience minimal downtime if any.
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